Case: 24 x 500ml

ABV: 9%

Producer: Brookfield Drinks Ltd

Sweet toffee and honeyed twists, turns and loops combine with a concentrated wine-like fruitiness, feisty light rum, swirls of malt, and decidedly ripe dessert apple richness.
This award-winning beer is the embodiment of the validity and integrity of the Holy Brewing Method. A beer for sipping, possibly from a wine glass – and certainly one for sharing.

Crafted in Scotland using the holy brewing method. Kestrel Super Premium Lager is an award-winning 9% premium beer brewed in Scotland, at a site adjacent to Glasgow Cathedral with a brewing heritage dating back to the 1500s. Our Master Brewer crafts a truly premium beer using water from a nearby natural source, barley from local farms, finest selected hops and malt which is crushed not ground. As part of our unhurried 9-stage brewing of Kestrel, the crucial fermentation period alone lasts a full 7 days, including the Sabbath, in a process known as the Holy Brewing Method. Inspired by traditional monastic brewing, this delivers Kestrel’s unique rich taste, tempting aroma and heavenly golden colour. We take immense pride in producing a strong, characterful and fully satisfying premium beer, which is considered to be one of the world’s great beers. Divine drinking pleasure.

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