ABV 40 % – 20cl, 70cl, 1 ltr

The Latin word Aureus is defined as golden, magnificent, shiny, fabulous and vivid, all of which perfectly describe this product in its entirety. Cloudberry, having its growth habitat limited to the northern hemisphere, is considered the king of wild-berries amongst the northern people and is thus often referred to as ‘’Lapland’s Gold’’. This is the only vodka in the world made using wild cloudberries, and every litre contains an impressive equivalent of 210g of cloudberries. Cloudberry is related to raspberries and blackberries, but has an initial bitter taste and is therefore usually consumed with a little touch of sugar. This product is perfect whether you consume it straight, on the rocks or as heart of a cocktail, but in order to truly grab its real essence, we recommend to try it straight, slightly chilled.

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