Case: 24 x 330ml

ABV: 6.6%

Producer: Ab Inbev


“Smooth, subtle and golden in colour.”

Leffe Blond is an elegant, smooth and fruity Belgian abbey style beer. It has a spicy aftertaste with a hint of bitter orange. Leffe was founded by the Fathers of the Abbey in 1240 and their craft, expertise and brewing tradition can still be enjoyed today. This brewing heritage is now shared and enjoyed by consumers in over 60 countries worldwide.

Perfect aperitif, for those special moments with friends and family. Leffe Blonde with its distinct heritage and appealing taste is without doubt the number one among Belgian Abbey beers.

Leffe Blonde fits excellently with a wide variety of dishes. Leffe Blond is best served at 5-6°C in a beer chalice, which will allow all the flavours to come through. Originally brewed by monks near Dinant, Belgium, Leffe Blonde continues to be brewed to the traditional recipe created in 1240 in the monastery.

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